Twenty years ago, the brothers Decio Cavalheiri and Fioravante Cavalheiri, directors of the Metallurgical Industry Stay and music enthusiasts, produced in Brazil the first supports with inovative design for musical keyboard with engineering and original technology, similar to those applied to the best equipment manufactured in the world.

Stay Music then was born, a company derived from one of the largest brazilian industries in the field of aluminum injection under pressure, the Metallurgical Industry Stay.

Since the first stands for keyboards manufactured by Stay Music, the reception in the brazilian music market has always been very positive, being a versatile equipment, easy to assemble and mainly by the technology employed. In addition there is the Stay Music guarantee, which gives full assistance to consumers and shopkeepers.

Over the years, and despite absolute leadership within the music segment in Brazil, Stay Music, based on its own technology base, innovated once again transforming all the supports that until then were made of carbon steel + aluminum in total aluminum, bringing more strength, lightness and durability to your customers.